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Nomadeo provides the service dedicated to efficient and professional digital field marketing
We organize practical and technical support for market research carried out via the internet.
The aim of this support is to help produce optimised, professional results in the field created by this technology.
Today, offers for applications to host video conferencing are popping up all around us.
Some of us may be ``at ease with technology``, but the truth is that many of us still find ourselves at a loss when faced with a ``technical problem`` whether this concerns the market research office, the moderators or the respondents.
NOMADEO : a full service with Zoom Pro, Teams, Webex .....

Identification of your requirements in regard of your e-search

  1. IDI, Duo, FG, UX

  2. Platform with PRO services  (Zoom, Teams, Webex ...)

  3. Functionalities required (plateform dependent)


Respondent are tested from a connectiviy point of view and trained on the functionnalities depending on the requirements

e.g. Screen Sharing, Chat, White Board, etc..


Implementation of the security settings required for confidentiality of the conversations:

  1. Waiting room - acceptance or rejection of participants

  2. Password

  3. Local recording

  4. etc..


Online support for the duration of the sessions

Local recording of the sessions

Simultanious translation

Live transcription

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